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Premium Flooring Services in Los Angeles County, California

30 Years of Flooring Expertise

At K & Z Hardwood Flooring, we pride ourselves on our versatility. Our experienced and trusted team has performed nearly every kind of flooring work on many flooring types, so you can trust us to provide excellent service on whatever project you need help with. From expert advice and affordable sales to professional installation and restoration, we’re here for you.
Floor installation

Our Services

Refinishing and Restoration

Remember the first time you saw your newly-completed hardwood floor? The perfect, glossy finish probably took your breath away. After years of exposure to heavy foot traffic, our flooring technicians can make your worn-down floor look like new again. 

Professional Installation

Installing hardwood flooring is no easy task. When improperly done, your new floor could experience gaps, buckling or worse. Save yourself the time and effort of a poorly-executed installation and allow the professionals to take care of it, ensuring a flawless finished product.

Gymnasium Floors

Printing and stripping of basketball and gymnasium floors.

New Flooring and Molding

K & Z Hardwood flooring offers a stunning selection of hardwood flooring in all colors and wood types. Come to us for help selecting your perfect hardwood and molding to complement it. We’ll work with your budget and your taste to find the perfect product. 

Bleaching and Whitewashing

Whitewashed wood floors provide a unique and elegant look that can complement nearly any interior design scheme. If you’re looking for something cool, crisp and cozy, allow our talented technicians to professionally bleach and whitewash your wood floor. 

Sanding and Custom Finishes

If you’re looking for a wood floor that is truly one-of-a-kind, K & Z Hardwood Flooring is willing to install a solid, unfinished wood product in your home and finish it on-site. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will give you an individualized finish. 

Custom Staining Work

Want to add design, color and richness to your hardwood floor? Ask our team about our custom staining options. Whatever kind of wood you are trying to imitate, we have the tools and the skills necessary to transform your floor and make it unique.

Water and Fire Restoration

A home disaster beyond your control shouldn’t destroy your beautiful investment. Whether your house has suffered from flood or fire damage, our capable hands can rescue your floor and erase the accident right before your eyes. Ask us about our natural disaster restoration options.

Polyurethane Varnishing

A new finish, specifically a polyurethane varnish, can bring out your wood’s natural beauty through highlighting the wood grain. This material is extremely durable and resistant to heat, chemicals and is also scratch-resistant while giving your floor some extra shine.

Waxing and Cleaning

Sometimes, bringing back the luster of your hardwood flooring is as simple as a good cleaning. A thorough waxing after the floor has been cleaned not only brings back the gloss of the wood but helps retain it more easily. Ask about our cleaning options today.

Buffing and Sealing

It takes an expert to know all the proper precautions to take, the techniques to use and the tools necessary to masterfully complete the finishing touches on your flooring. Choose K & Z Hardwood Flooring to buff and seal your wood floors. 

Stripping and Laminate Floors

Do you lack the time and tools to strip your laminate floors yourself? Let us help you with your refinishing project by doing the preparation work for you. Our dedicated floor specialists will have the floor stripped and ready to go quickly and will leave you with a clean, smooth surface.

Expert Flooring Repairs

Cracked, warped or otherwise damaged hardwood floors are no match for the experienced repair masters at K & Z Hardwood Flooring. No matter what the damage is, we’ll provide a safe and affordable fix that will have you enjoying your floor again in no time. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Nothing quite makes your kitchen décor and surfaces pop like a rich, sophisticated hardwood floor. Upgrading to hardwood increases the value of your home and makes this mess-prone area easier to clean. Choose our floor-savvy team for your upcoming remodeling project.

Peg and Groove

While peg and groove flooring has become a popular DIY option for many homeowners, there are a number of risks associated with doing it yourself. When you choose a professional, we can help you avoid cracks from shrinkage and expansion and reduce your exposure to toxic glue. 

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When you hire K & Z Hardwood Flooring to carry out the work on your home floors, be prepared for astonished house guests to gush with compliments. Give us a call today in Los Angeles County, California.